"Carmen Mitchell glows as the lovely kind-hearted Marsinah, her sweet tones mingling well in duets with Jacob Bronson’s Caliph. The lovers are convincing in their immediate infatuation, creating beautiful music together." 

Kismet the play premiered in 1911, running for two years in London. The Broadway musical version was popular in the early 1950s, especially the songStranger in Paradise, which is well known to this day. The original playwright, Edward Knoblock, led an exciting life, serving in the British Secret Service during WWI shortly...

"Fans will enjoy seeing Carmen Mitchellas Viola and Kot Takahashi as Sebastian, playing twin siblings in this delightful comedy. The actors were exceptional as Romeo and Juliet in the famous tragedy as the audience was wooed by their forlorn love in the inaugural season."

Twelfth Night

Announcing the Shakespeare in the Cannery 2015 Cast


Shakespeare in the Cannery introduces the stellar cast of Twelfth Night. The star-crossed lovers from the 2014 season, Romeo and Juliet, get a comedic respite in this new end...



There comes a moment in Santa Rosa Junior College’s “Phantom of the Opera,” where smoke and darkness dance with filtered light and reflection; where swirling costumed folk and a columned stage-within-a-stage vie for your attention; and where the pulsing orchestra and confident, full-throated voices push the mind right up to the boundaries of sensory overload.

In short, there is a moment when you realize that you are watching a great conjuring, a theatrical illusion whose magic defies easy explanation. You stare, you try vainly to take i...



Broadway musicals can be divided into two categories: the kind we had before Andrew Lloyd Webber's legendary adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, and those that have come after. Simply put, the stage musical, and what audiences expect from it, has never been quite the same since Phantom.

"I saw this show when it first opened in New York," recalls director John Shillington of the Santa Rosa Junior College. "I saw it with Michael Crawford and Sara Brightman, the original stars, so I was introduced to it big-time!"

Before Phantom arrive...

"The star of the show was Carmen Mitchell, who played the young ingénue Christine. In this role, it’s easy to become overshadowed by the theatrics of The Phantom, but Mitchell managed to bring boldness to the character that helped her stand out beside him. It didn’t hurt that her voice is clear, crisp and absolutely beautiful. She was able to match, if not exceed Hernandez during many of their scenes together. I’m surprised that none of the overhead lights shattered with some of those notes she hit."


Rating: 5/5It was raining the night I at...


Shakespeare coming to Santa Rosa cannery

THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | July 11, 2014


Starting tonight, the old cannery ruins on the edge of Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square district will be transformed into Verona, Italy, when the new Shakespeare in the Cannery festival opens its first production, “Romeo and Juliet.”

The stage magic of the play, performed against the two brick walls that are still standing, won’t come from elaborate sets and costumes, but from the power of the live performances, said director David Lear.

“I’ve always thought this site wou...

Shakespeare in the Cannery

Carmen Mitchell and Kot Takahashi playning Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare in the Cannery




"THIS IS THE PLACE to mention that it’s sheer magic, what happens this time of year on the stage within the walls of another ruins"


Smith: A true Shakespeare romance at the Cannery


THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | July 12, 2014


If you catch the premier production of “Shakespeare in the Cannery,” don’t be surprised by a sense that actors portraying Romeo and Juliet really are crazy in love.

David Lear, director of the performances that open Friday within the remnant walls of the cannery on Santa Rosa’s West Third Street, didn’t know when he cast Carmen...

Carmen Mitchell, the Lady of the Lake in the SRJC Theatre Art Department's rendition of "Spamalot"



William Rohrs, Layout Editor
April 24, 2014

Carmen Mitchell, or the Lady of the Lake in the theater department’s new play “Spamalot”, talks to the Oak Leaf Sound Bite about what it takes to be a moistened bint lobbing scimitars at the king of England.

To visit the SRJC Theatre Art Department’s website, please click this link.

To purchase your “Spamalot” ticket online, visit the purchase page for all of their playshere.

To hear about Carmen’s jour...

"For the musical numbers, the production found its anchor in Carmen Mitchell as the Lady of the Lake. Her voice seemed capable of reaching wherever she wanted to take it. Mostly she used it showtune-stopper silliness (“The Diva’s Lament”). But she also gave expression to enough gentle (if not serious) melodies to show that she is a singer of exceptional talent. “Spamalot” custom fitted for fine SRJC production"




Friday, May 2, 2014 at 8:52 by Digitale.Stories


Was “Monty Python’s Spamalot” custom made for the...



"Carmen Mitchell performed next as Cosette with “Castle on a Cloud.” Mitchell’s lovely voice captured the simple essence of the song."




Choir Delivers Astounding Rendition of “Les Miserables” Songs


Anna Hecht, Staff Writer
May 13, 2013

With stunning French compositions, a beautiful medley of songs from “Les Miserables” and a choir that can tear the roof off the auditorium with its powerhouse voices, you simply couldn’t ask for a more splendid night.

The SRJC Concert Choir & Chamber Singers delivered with its Spring Midterm Concert at 8 p.m...

"Stellar performances come from Carmen Mitchell as Fantine"

The singing soars and delights, the orchestra packs a wallop and the sets of 19th century Paris stay fresh and ingeniously varied throughout Santa Rosa Junior College’s rousing production of “Les Misérables.”

Thursday’s packed house and prolonged standing ovation attest that this show is one for the ages for the college’s Theatre Arts department. The cast, crew and orchestra have shown they can pull off with style one of the more demanding musical blockbusters of our era.

Even in thei...



Kenney Center American College Theater Festival

Carmen Mitchell attended as Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Nominee


Article in the Oak Leaf News Paper 


Nadav Soroker, Contributing Writer
February 25, 2014

Eleven Santa Rosa Junior College students and faculty touched down at Boise Airport to brisk weather and a week of competitions, workshops and shows, aiming for the Irene Ryan Scholarship, Design Awards and to keep the Tech Olympics Trophy as the reigning champions.

Kayla Kearney and Carmen Mitchell attended as Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship N...

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